MSH Studio

Energetic and passionate about her love for expression on canvas of the outdoors, Melinda Smith Haymons is inspired by color and the simple but complex act of transposing paint onto the palette and onto the canvas.
Melinda Smith Haymons
Web Design, Photography, Brand Strategy
Live Site

Project Details

Melinda hired me to redesign her website and add e-commerce functionality. Additionally, I photographed each of her pieces for sale and created mockups of those works on the wall for her site. Melinda and I also restructured her brand to tailer towards her current customer base by conveying her love for painting. After the launch of the site, I connected her online store to her Instagram to tailer more to her Instagram following. Now her followers can view her works for sale and purchase paintings directly from her Instagram profile.

The Challenge

This project required e-commerce functionality and beautiful mockups of Melinda's work in order to convey a professional feel and make buying her paintings simple and accessible.

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